Pick 3 Number Range Randomizer

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Instructions: Enter two previous pick 3 numbers into the "from" and "to" boxes below. They can be day and eve or both day or both eve. The lowest of the two pick 3 numbers should go into the "from" box. The highest of the two pick 3 numbers should go into the "to" box. In the "How many numbers?" box choose 6. I have found that 6 works best, but you can do some back-testing to see what works best in your state. What will happen is the Generation Result will show six Random combinations from within the range of the two numbers entered. Keep the six combo's in play for up to a week. If no hits within a week, or, when one hits, start over. Backtest. Study. Track it!

Note: It's best to use two pick 3 numbers with a broad range between them. For example, 123 and 245 do not have that much range between them. But 123 and 678 do. The broader the range is, the better the results will be. Again, you should take time to back-test this in your state to see how it performs there.


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Pick 3 Number Range Randomizer

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